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Mozambican Shisha Charcoal (SPECIAL)

Mozambique charcoal for shisha is a specific type of charcoal that is commonly used in shisha pipes or hookahs. This charcoal is made from hardwood trees found in Mozambique, usually Acacia or Eucalyptus species.

The charcoal is specifically made to be used in shisha pipes due to its ability to evenly distribute heat, maintain a consistent temperature, and produce minimal ash and smoke. It is important for shisha enthusiasts to use appropriate charcoal to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable smoking experience.

Nigerian Shisha Charcoal (AYIN)

Nigerian shisha charcoal is a type of charcoal specifically used for smoking shisha . It is made from different hardwood trees found in Nigeria, such as the Acacia senegal or Prosopis africana.

Nigerian shisha charcoal is popular due to its ability to generate consistent heat and a longer burn time, allowing for a prolonged shisha smoking session.
It is known for producing minimal ash and smoke, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

Namibian Shisha Charcoal

Namibian shisha charcoal is a type of charcoal specifically used for smoking shisha, hookah, or water pipe. It is made from the hardwood of various trees found in Namibia, such as the Camelthorn tree (Acacia erioloba).

Namibian shisha charcoal is known for its high quality and desirable properties for shisha smoking.

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